Sunday, October 7, 2012

Post season

The pizza was burnt.

The charcuterie was happenstance (I knew more about the selections than our waiter - and I am a relative neophyte in matters cheesy.)

We were debating our dinner selection, having spent the afternoon idly shopping in Towson. As we drove home I lobbied unsuccessfully for Hersh's pizza.

"Yes, but federal hill will be a disaster attempting to park," my girlfriend reasoned. I could not object to this, as we'd spent an hour looking for a spot to park near our favorite pizza place on Light more than once. Besides, there was a new restaurant open in Hampden serving pizza and craft cocktails. We'd take our chances there, and see if it could compete.

Things seemed promising. We arrived just before the scheduled first pitch and took two open seats at the bar.

Pleased, we slipped off our jackets, and sat down. It was like Wonderland: the stools were too short and upon sitting the bar rose to our chests. We glanced at each other and one of the other patrons at the bar chuckled, "The stools are too short," he said.

We mimicked the motions of eating, raising pretend forks from pretend plates. "How are we going to eat?"

"So many people have complained about the stools," remarked one of the bartenders.

The night progressed from there. The craft cocktails were indeed that: uniquely crafted each time: even ordering the same drink more than once produced a different concoction.

The calamari app was pleasant, if too tepid and oily. The bruschetta was pleasant as well, except for the over toasted bread. When asked if the pastas were made in-house, our waiter responded, "Some of them."

Our pizzas formed the main course, consisting of burnt crust (the flavor is still in my mouth) and canned tomato sauce.

The best part of the evening was getting drunk and chatting. The game was delayed so the first pitch arrived with out dessert, which consisted of a decent (if too fatty) combination of home made pistachio, evoo and salt, and some other flavor (vanilla/cheese) ice cream.

I'm at home now watching the game, and hungry. Next time Hersh's, and I hope we have post season baseball induced parking problems to deal with. It will be worth it.

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